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By transforming the Wild Cacao, we not only seek to respect and care for the Amazon jungle, we also aim to boost the social-economic development of the Bolivian Amazon communities. Our goal is that all our activities and practices will be held in accordance with  sustainable development criteria, respect the original cultures of the Amazonian native population and achieve balance through ethical supply along the production chain, and offer high quality chocolates with remarkable nutritional and organoleptic features.




We have the vision of becoming a model company which grows from the practice of sustainable development, respect to the human being and nature, using wild cacao as a vehicle to show that it is possible to produce high quality products without abandoning corporate responsibility and acting in harmony with biodiversity.

David with a Baure family
Pombo y su señora

Carlos Pombo and wife.


ETHICS: By philosophical principle, all our activities are based on respect for the human being and the biodiversity protection in general, but particularly the Amazon rainforest.

We respect and value in the same way all the persons in our team as much as our suppliers and consumers and are legally transparent within the frame that applies to our activity.


ENGAGEMENT: We are absolutely engaged with the care of the biodiversity in the area where we perform our labor and all the people linked to us are focused in making a better world.


EXCELLENCE: Based on hard work, responsibility and wisdom, we point to go beyond chocolate professionals´ and consumers´ expectations and constantly surpass ourselves.


SINGULARITY: Due to the origin and growing conditions of our essential raw ingredient, we have the privilege to offer one of the rarest and most singular chocolates for the global market.

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