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Temper Chocolate

in a Microwave


Although the best way to melt and temper chocolate is as we have detailed in the previous page, it is not the only way to do it.


It is also possible to temper chocolate in the microwave. Before explaining how to do it, you need to know that the microwave can burn chocolate.

If this happens, the chocolate will be ruined and cannot be used.



To melt chocolate with this method, we will need a microwaveable plastic container, a silicone or rubber spatula and a thermometer.

Using glass containers is not recommended as it stores more heat than plastic and is more likely to burn.


The chocolate should be chopped into small pieces and heated in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds.

Then it is necessary to remove it and mix the chocolate homogeneously.

It must be mixed gently so as not to allow air bubbles to enter, which will then be difficult to remove.


The operation should be repeated leaving the chocolate in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds and mixing it again.

In total, the operation will take around one minute and twenty seconds until the chocolate is liquid and ready to be tempered.




It is also possible to temper the chocolate following the microwave method.

Having melted the chocolate, its temperature should be controlled, and if it were between 31 and 32 ºC and there were no solid pieces of chocolate, then the chocolate would be warm.


In case the melted chocolate exceeds 32ºC, then a small amount of chocolate must be added in very small pieces to cool the liquid chocolate and mixing evenly until the temperature drops to 31 or 32ºC.


When this has been accomplished, then the chocolate will be warm and ready to use in baths and decorations.




The inverse bain marie tempering method implies that the chocolate must first be melted, as we have detailed. Keep in mind that the chocolate will be completely liquid at 45ºC.


When the ideal melting temperature has been reached, the container with the hot chocolate should be put into another containing very cold water, even some ice cubes here are desirables.


Mix homogeneously until reaching 32ºC or 33ºC, the chocolate must be removed from the cold container at this time and due to thermal inertia it will keep lowering it's temperature, continue mixing until reaching 28ºC or 29ºC.

Then return to the hot container to increase a degree or a degree and a half of temperature. Thermal inertia works here too, so chocolate temperature will rise to 31ºC or 32ºC, it will be perfectly tempered and ready to use in baths or decorations.

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