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Wild Cacao


The Amazon jungle is like a piece of art. . .

Flora and Fauna reflect its magical shapes, colors, marvelous aromas, and exotic flavors are found in fruits and flowers.

As part of this masterpiece of nature, cacao pods grow wildly and freely without human intervention. We passionately transform this raw natural source into a delicate and exquisite CHOCOLATE BAURE, in perfect harmony with how  Mother Nature has planned it.

Wild Beniano

Wild Beniano

The cacao growing in the province of Beni, eastern Bolivia bordering Brazil, is probably the only 100% wild growing cacao on the globe.


Map of the Itenez Amazonian region.


Studies of its genetics have shown a purity percentage of nearly 98% which means that the chromosome crosses in this variety are almost none, positioning it genetically as among the purest cacao ever tasted.

When we talk about “Wild Beniano Cacao” we refer to an endemic cacao variety which, due to its millenary age, could represent the biological origin of the Theobroma cacao specie, according to archeological research.

Several researches conclude this thesis, and use as explanations the microclimate and the natural water amount existing in the area needed by this specie.

The mentioned researches also show that pre-Columbian cultures occupied the flat lands of Moxos at least 1000 years before Christ and left complex constructions of what seems to be an approximately hydrographic net of 6000 miles through the jungle.

Later-on, new studies have identified forested spots along this area. These spots are areas where cacao trees strongly predominate the vegetation and are called by the natives as “CHOCOLATALES”. Overflying or walking to the depths of the jungle, it is still today possible to witness these channel constructions .

A thesis suggests that the cacao trees have been part of the rainforest even before the arrival of the tribes to the vast Beni savannah, and these aborigine communities were the first to consume cacao.

Beni vs Alto Beni

Beni vs Alto Beni


Possibly you have heard of Alto Beni in respect of Bolivian cacao. But, despite the familiarity of names, Beni and Alto Beni are two different  places. Alto Beni is a region in the high land  province of La Paz, where you won’t be able to find wild cacao, while Beni is low lands Bolivian Amazon province where we operate and the wild beniano cacao grows naturally.

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