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The composition of this product is 55% wild organic cacao and 45% organic cane sugar.


Our 55% cacao is made with wild cacao from the Bolivian Amazon. These cacao beans grow without any human intervention, consequently, they are the result of a process of nature, happening exclusively in the Amazon rainforest.


Our cacao is picked and fermented by the natives within a frame of respect to their milenary culture, sun dried in the forest and processed by our company, with plenty of passion and strict CSR criteria.


CERES GmbH certifies the quality of wild collection and organic cacao and also the organic production process.


Technical Data Sheet


SKU: PT04-06

  • Local Health Registry: 080203130002 Senasag
    HS: 18 06 32 00
    Product Name: Chocolate 55%
    All uses in the chocolate, pastry, confectionery industry.
    Roasted and refined wild cocoa beans.
    Organic cane sugar.
    • In Bulk
    - 20kg - 10kg
    • Food service
    - 1 kg - 450 g
    • Retail
    - 70g - 40g - 20g - 5g
    Lot Number.
    Date of elaboration.
    Date of Expiry.
    • Storage in a cool, dry place.
    between 17 and 20 ºc and humidity
    below 55%.
    • Avoid sudden changes in temperature
    so as not to have suspension of the butter
    cocoa or sugar suspension.
    • Keep away from the sun, artificial light
    and any source of heat.
    • Keep away from strong odors.
    Two years under conditions
    adequate storage.

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